Reducing Provider Burnout

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“I don’t think most doctors get burned out by doctoring; it’s everything else that comes along with it.” Healthcare providers of all levels are finding this to be true – the overwhelming amount of administrative tasks they must do in addition to the most important work of diagnosing and treating … Read More

The Impact on Patient Care

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When a provider’s documentation isn’t submitted correctly, it’s not an inconvenience or delay only for the provider. It can cause anxiety for patients. Here’s an example of an unfortunate error in our circle of friends – a provider submitted a claim twice, in error, resulting in the insurance company’s automatic … Read More

One Size for All is a Myth

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One Size Doesn’t Fit all, yet all size practices share one goal: taking care of their patients to the best of their abilities. Every size practice from individual providers to large hospital systems want this for those seeking care, but their business structure dictates very different ways to achieve productivity … Read More

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